| Roamer


Mechanical Roamer watch with date. Stainless steel case and withe dial.
Patented movement – 305467 – 305776 – 307382 – 308491
Diameter: 34mm

Excellent form. A little bit of rust on the hands.

About Roamer:
Roamer was founded in Solothurn, Switzerland, in 1888 by Fritz Meyer. At first, Meyer and employees concentrated on manufacturing cylinder escapements, in 1904 Meyer began assembling watches. In 1905 Meyer joined forces with fellow watchmaker Johann Studeli to form the partnership Meyer and Studeli. In the same year Meyer won a Bronze medal at the Liege World Fair. The partnership continued to develop new calibres and enter them into more World Fairs, winning Silver Medals at the Milan Fair in 1906 and Brussels Fair in 1910.

The earliest identified watch is an unmarked Ladies pocket watch containing an MST 41 cylinder escapement that has London silver hallmarks for 1908.

In 1917 they purchased fellow Solothurn watchmaker L Tieche Gammeter (LTG). LTG had previously registered the brand « Roamer » in 1908. In 1918 the partnership incorporated into the company Meyer & Studeli SA. (Wikipedia)

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